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Joie de Vivre Pilates Studio, of Denver CO, offers individual and small group Pilates instruction in an energetic and relaxing atmosphere that some have found to be life changing. Learn to realign your body while at the same time strengthen your core body and gain flexibility. 

Pre/Post Pregnancy Pilates (Mommie to be)

Pilates is a great workout to help your body with the natural changes that occur during all stages of your pregnancy. It can relieve pain in the back, shoulders, hips, and legs. Pilates can also strengthen your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles to prepare your body for labor. After your child is born, Pilates is a wonderful tool to stabilize your hips and to regain your core strength.

Cardio Pilates (Pilates Jumpboard Bootcamp)

Cardio Pilates is a high energy, low impact way to get your total body workout. The class uses jumpboards, weights, and interval training to improve your cardiovascular condition, muscle tone, and flexibility. An incredible workout to burn calories and build stamina. This class is faster paced and challenging.

Metabolic Pilates Reformer/Cadillac

Metabolic Pilates Integration (MPI) incorporates the latest understanding in endocrinology, fitness, strength and conditioning research.  MPI uses short intervals of exercise on the reformer/cadillac focused on weight bearing training and toning of large muscle groups to "turn on" fat burning hormones.  Clients benefit from weight bearing springs which create longer leaner muscle mass. 

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